Your Local Approved Honda School of Motorcycling Centre

Why Choose Your Approved Honda School of Motorcycling?

  • A trusted, quality brand
  • All courses are run from The Motorcycle Training Centre in Exeter
  • Learn to ride on brand new Honda motorcycles
  • Quality safety equipment and clothing supplied
  • Approved Honda School of Motorcycling training programme
  • One price no hidden extras
  • Qualify to ride the motorcycle or scooter of your dreams


Getting On – Compulsory Basic Training (often referred to as the CBT) £175
It all starts here – The Compulsory Basic training course includes a mix of classroom, on private training pad and on-road tuition, 7 hours in total. When successfully completed, you will receive your CBT certificate.
Qualification – a valid CBT certificate allows a 16 year old to ride a moped, like the Vision 50. If you are 17 or over you can ride a motorcycle with a power output of 11kw (14.6 bhp) – check out the CBR125R. You must display full size L plates and you cannot carry a passenger or go on the motorway.

Getting On – Honda Experience – Weekday sessions £49 – Weekend sessions £59

If you have never ridden before and want to get a taste of what it’s all about then a Honda Experience is for you. Your 90 minute session will take you through the controls and get you riding on a safe off road area.

Getting Back On – Refresher Course £199

If you have a motorcycle licence but have not ridden for a while then our ‘Get Back On’ course is for you. This course is designed to refresh your skills and technique and get your confidence back. You will be amazed at how much you remember and our professional trainers will be able to identify any strengths and weaknesses and work with you to get you prepared for the road. You could be on your way to that Cross runner C-ABS, VFR800 or any one of our great range of motorcycles and scooters.
Qualification – at the conclusion of your session your professional Honda trainer will present you with your own personal assessment form and Honda School of Motorcycling participation certificate.

Getting On – Full Licence Course – £1355

All the training and tests that you need to qualify to ride the bike of your dreams. Bike, clothing and initial test fees are all included – it’s that easy. No matter which licence you require – this is the course for you.
Qualification – dependant on your age and the bike that you want to ride, successfully completing our full licence course will qualify you for whichever of the following licences is needed:
Category A1 licence(17+) you ride a motorcycle up to 125cc and 14.6 bhp (11kw). Check out the CBR125.

Category A2 licence(19+) allows you to ride any motorcycle up to 47bhp , you’ll be surprised at what you can ride – Have a look at the CB500F Category A licence(24+) ride any machine of any size – anything from the CBR650F      to the magnificent CRF1100 Africa Twin 

Stepping Up – Upgrade Licence course -£1180

If you have already got a valid CBT certificate and have been riding regularly for about 3 months then the Honda Stepping up course is for you. You get all the training you need and your course includes your Mod 1 and Mod 2 tests. Open up the world of Honda by Stepping Up to a full licence.
Qualification – as per full licence course.

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